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  • Jose Guanzon

    I don't have any skincare routine. Only JUJU Collagen! For those who are asking what my skincare routine is, I don't have a skincare routine. I just drink @jujucollagenph everyday!

  • @drajamiemasangya

    "I tried 2 to 3 types of collagen, so they are all in powder form. You still have to scoop it up so it's a bit messy."
    "And it's the first time I've tried an effervescent tablet and I was super happy because it's less hassle, unlike the other collagens I've tried. He tastes so good!”

  • @kristzan

    “Island hopping & beaches 🏖 means a lot of UV rays ☀️ which causes premature skin aging. Aside from sunscreen, it’s best to take care of your skin from the inside too.”
    “JUJU Collagen can help maintain a healthy skin inside and out!”

  • @sylvestersy

    “Honestly I've been asked by a lot of people already on how I keep my skin looking fresh and young.”
    “I've been taking Juju Collagen for more than a month now and I must say it really helps me achieve that healthy glowing skin.”